Hard Hats – iPhone Game Review

Sent in to us by a Pandco team member Hard Hats is a pretty funky iPhone game that puts players in control of a tandem wrecking ball as they smash and wreck their way across levels. As Hard Hats is an endless game there is no real objective other than surviving for as long as possible and unlocking upgrades or cosmetic options for the opponents or wrecking balls.

The game has drag physics where the player moves one wrecking ball with the other following on a leash. For example if the ball is dragged down then the other ball will follow once the slack has been drawn and will ping back depending on the velocity used in an elastic motion. If the wire connecting the two is stretched to red the wrecking balls will break apart and the round will be lost so the player must control their velocity carefully and tactically to avoid unnecessary losses.

Hard Hats – iPhone Game Review


What makes it great

The object of the game is to destroy the enemies that appear on screen, the enemies appear when the previous enemy is destroyed and the next to appear is shown as a ghost that cannot be harmed. With the ghost mechanic in mind players can angle their swings so they can catch enemies as they spawn. Enemies with hard hats will take less damage with small swings that hit the helmet first rather than the actual enemy which again means that players will have to tactically choose their swing angles and timing in order to hit the right spots. Players can use the hard hats to bounce their attacks if the enemies are spawning close together.

The graphics are mainly vector shapes with minor details added in to give some personality. This style works well as the focus is on game play and balanced mechanics rather than over the top graphics which allows for a better player immersion. Combined with this the player has the ability to unlock costumes and other customisation options to further integrate themselves into the experience more. As well as a simple (but effective! Can’t emphasise that enough!) Art style the iPhone game makes full use of an equally simple soundtrack and library of sound effects to further immerse players in the game as well as improving their experience.

Hard Hats – iPhone Game Review


What makes it a little less great

By achieving high scores and other objectives the player can unlock upgrades and change the objects that spawn. This creates more replay options and through the use of the sharing system with Facebook and Twitter can post higher scores against their opponents and friends as well as checking out the competition with the hashtag supplied when they post the score.

The gameplay does however get samey and repetitive if played for long periods of time so non casual players may not find the appeal in the long run. The game does however make a great time waster and is suitable for children with its bright visuals and simple mechanics. All in all though the game isn’t a bad game in the slightest, it has some unique gameplay for what it’s worth and is largely entertaining as well as being strategic when it comes to the dispatching of enemies.

Hard Hats – iPhone Game Review

I highly recommend taking a look at this game for yourself so click the link and let me know what you thought about it in the comments!