How to get games on iPhone:

The most common question I receive is “How to transfer the iPhone games from my computer to my iPhone?“.

This is step after you have purchased an iPhone game, or downloaded a free iPhone game. The games are now on your computer, but they’re not yet on your iPhone.

ANSWER: You need to instruct iTunes to include games when you hit the sync button.

You have two options. You can set it up so that it transfers every iPhone Game whenever you sync, or you can set it up to sync only the games you specify.


Here are the steps to transferring the games from computer to iPhone.

Step 1: Start up iTunes and plug in your iPhone.

Step 2: Select your iPhone under the ‘DEVICES‘ heading in the left hand menu.

Step 3. Select the ‘Applications‘ tab.

Step 4: Tick the ‘Sync Applications‘ box.

At this point you also choose whether to sync ‘All Applications‘ or ‘Selected Applications‘.

If you choose ‘Selected Applications‘ you must then go through the list and tick the box for each game you want transferred to your iPhone.

Step 5: Select the ‘Apply‘ button in the bottom right corner.

Step 6: Select the ‘Sync‘ button.

All done! Enjoy!


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